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Psilocybe semilanceata

Psilocybe semilanceata

Pileus/Cap: 5mm to 25mm. Conic to campanulate with an acute umbo. Margin translucent-striate, incurved and sometimes undulated in young fruiting bodies, often darkened by spores. Colour variable, extremely hygrophanous. Usually dark chestnut brown when moist, soon drying to a light tan or yellow, occasionally with an olive tint. Surface viscid when moist from a separable gelatinous pellicle.


Lamellae/Gills: Attachment mostly adnexed, close to crowded, narrow, initially cream coloured before tinting purple as the spores mature.


Stipe/Stem: 40mm to 100mm long by .75 to 2mm thick. Slender, flexuous and pliant. Pallid to more brownish towards the base, where the attached mycelium may become bluish tinged.


Bruising and spore print: This species rarely bruises bluish, sometimes showing some blueing on the very base of the stipe. Spore print purple brown.


Distribution and habitat: Found mostly in the South Island, from April to July, fruiting in grassy areas, especially rich grasslands grazed by sheep and cows.

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