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Psilocybe makarorae

Psilocybe makarorae

Pileus/Cap​: 15 to 55mm, conical to campanulate, expanding to convex with prominent, often more or less pointed umbo, dry to slightly tacky, yellow brown to orange brown, often paler towards the finely striate margin. Remnants of a cortinate veil can often be seen near the margin of the pileus and sometimes on the stipe. On younger specimens, this cobweb like “cortina” may still be intact and connecting the cap to the stipe.


Lamellae/Gills: ​Adnexed,​ ​pale grayish-brown, margin concolorous​.


Stipe/Stem​: 30 to 60mm by 2 to 4 mm, covered in silky fibrils which may be pressed flat against the surface, white, often brownish at base and may present with root like rhizoids that may also have a blue hue, veil remnants often visible but never forming an annulate ring.


Bruising and spore sprint​: Bruises blue when handled or damaged. Spore colour purple brown.


Distribution and habitat:​ Fruits from April to June in Southern Beech forests in the North and South Islands, fruiting from fallen, rotting wood, usually the wood of Nothofagus/Southern Beech.

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