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Psilocybe alutacea

Psilocybe alutacea

Pileus/Cap: The cap is 10-13 mm in diameter, conical to convex in shape, subviscid/somewhat sticky or tacky when moist, hygrophanous (abruptly changing colour from wet to dry), smooth, radially striate at the edge, coloured leathery brown to ochraceous brown.

Lamellae/Gills: Adnate, subdistant, greyish brown with white edges, sometimes slightly unevenly colored.


Stipe/Stem: 25-46 mm x 1-2.5 mm, cylindrical, stuffed, pale brown, with whitish fibrils (fibrillose).


Bruising and spore print: There is a blueing reaction to damage but it is faint and slow, only showing at the edges of the gills. Occasional blue staining on the stipe, mostly around the base of the stem and attached mycelium. Spore colour purple brown.


Habitat and distribution: Solitary to subgregarious on aged dung. Reported from Auckland and Southland, likely found throughout New Zealand.


Comments: Macroscopically very similar to Deconica coprophila, also can be confused with Protostropharia semiglobata, although that species has a glutinous stipe when wet.

The name means "leathery."

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