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A word on siblings Zach & Michaela Cotogni, authors of "Blue Honey" 

Blue Honey Sticker NZ
The cover of the ground breaking NZ book "Blue Honey"
Sibling authors of the book "Blue Honey" - Michaela and Zach Cotogni

Michaela Cotogni and Zach Cotogni, siblings from Lower Hutt and the minds behind the book Blue Honey.


Blue Honey is a collection of stories from people across Aotearoa, documenting their personal healing journeys with Psilocybin. All vastly different stories, but with very similar outcomes.


Both Michaela and Zach are of the strong opinion that the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 needs a strong revamp. They have made it their mission to raise awareness and understanding about a medicine that has long been misunderstood.

Screenshot of the Blue Honey Website

Head on over to the Blue Honey website if you would like to purchase a copy of Blue Honey, buy stickers, or read more about the authors and their journey and involvement with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy research. Their website is LOADED with links to articles on different studies and research advancements around the world. You can follow the Blue Honey saga at:

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