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Gymnopilus purpuratus

Gymnopilus purpuratus

Pileus/Cap: 15-60mm, broadly convex (rounded, umbrella shaped), purple to reddish brown, covered with small dry scales, often cracking in age, not viscid (not sticky or slimy).


Lamellae/Gills: Pale lemon yellow maturing rusty orange, close, adnexed, somewhat serrate, behind a cottony partial veil that soon breaks away.


Stipe/Stem: Covered with silky purple, blue, wine-red to reddish brown fibrils, equal or slightly swollen at the base, not hollow, flesh initially purple then yellowish cream, often with a blueing reaction, veil remnants forming a raised area near the gills. Dusted with orange spores at maturity.


Bruising and Spore Print: Bruises blue, purple and occasionally green when damaged, especially when the stem is cut. Spore print thick and bright or rusty orange.


Habitat and Distribution: Introduced, found nationwide but more commonly in the Auckland and Wellington regions. Prefers to grow on rotting logs and tree stumps, appearing in small groups any time conditions are favourably mild and humid.

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