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Panaeolus sp. (formerly Panaeolopsis sp.)

Panaeolus sp. (formerly Panaeolopsis sp.)

Pileus/Cap: 10-15 X 20mm, fusiform-ellipsoid with margin pressed to the stem and forming a collar around it, sometimes expanding slightly, fawn with a darker marginal band; margin without veil remnants.


Stipe/Stem: 30- 50 × 2-3mm, cylindric, whitish or pale to reddish brown, pruinose (marked with small dots) but soon becoming smooth, dry, solid.


Lamellae/Gills: crowded, ascending, greyish black with paler edges. Flesh thin, off-white.


Bruising and Spore Print: Usually does not bruise, may show faint blue bruising at the base of the stem. Enclosed cap, spore swab black.


Distribution and Habitat: Has been observed in Auckland, likely found countrywide. Grows in grassy areas, paddocks and well irrigated fields and lawns, probably favours dung or a similar habitat to Panaeolus cinctulus.

Some have speculated that the genus Panaeolopsis may be invalid and a secotiod form of Panaeolus. A recent ITS1/2 sequence (NZ panaeolopsis) matches morphologially normal Panaeolus cinctulus from the USA and elsewhere.

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