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Kia ora and welcome to Psilver Linings, New Zealand's most informative and educational, harm reduction site created to help local foragers educate themselves better, and to safely identify psychoactive mushroom species in NZ. On this website, you will find the definitive record of NZ Psilocybes. We pride ourselves in having the most extensive and thorough database of psychoactive mushroom species currently confirmed in NZ, including amazing albums filled with stunning pictures to go with each species showing the diverse variation in phenotype of each species and varied habitats that each are found in, along with information on look-alike species that are often found cohabiting alongside active mushrooms in NZ.

Fundamental Fields of Psilver Linings 

A clear idea of what's held dear to the team here.

Psilocybe subaeruginosa being picked next to Leratiomycesceres

With harm reduction being our primary goal we'd like to share knowledge of the most common lookalikes for foraged species, as well as share some of the best ways to preserve wild harvested fruit to prevent food poisoning such as e. coli and botulism as well as ways to prevent consumption of secondary fungus (mold). 


What's happening on the science front? Here you can read about various scientific studies that are taking place around the world. From psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to genetic sequencing of different mushroom species to find out how they're related, click below to get your fix of peer-reviewed papers and links to various scientific articles.   

NZ nature stick insect environmental care

Hints, tips, and information about how to look after the environment that you are foraging from, to help reduce harm to any ecosystem that you might be interacting with. We would like to encourage everyone toward having contribution to preserving nature's magnificence for future generations. 


We are not suggesting or recommending the use of psilocybin or any other psychedelic drug medicinally or recreationally to our readers.

We are providing harm reduction information for those individuals that are already self-medicating with mushrooms containing psilocybin despite legal implications, as well as bringing attention to the use of psilocybin being further researched and introduced in a clinical setting as an alternative to pharmaceutical medication.

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