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The Psilver Linings NZ Charitable Trust

In 2022 the spark to start a charitable trust was ignited within the Psilver Linings team. We have now followed through with the plans that we have been setting in motion and have now registered the Psilver Linings NZ Charitable Trust with the NZ Charitable Trusts Register.

The purpose and mission of this Trust is as follows:


1. The purpose and mission of the Trust:


is to reduce the harm caused by misidentification and misuse of psychoactive mushrooms, promote awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention and the different types of support that are available in this area, and to also promote awareness of the benefits of Psilocybin/Psilocin and its medicinal/therapeutic uses.



2. The Trust aims to achieve its mission by:


a) Staying informed about new findings in the mycological world and delivering the most up-to-date and current knowledge available concerning psychoactive mushroom species in New Zealand and promptly disseminating this information to the audience of Psilver Linings NZ via its Facebook mushroom identification group and its website.


b) Delivering the most up-to-date and current harm reduction information via its Facebook group and its website.


c) Delivering the most up-to-date and current knowledge available concerning Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy studies and trials that are happening worldwide via its Facebook group and its website. 


d) Being proactive in fundraising and supporting community-based research projects and citizen science that can benefit the wider population, as well as funneling funding to larger causes in need that fit in alignment with this mission statement.


e) Promoting awareness of the benefits of Psilocybin/Psilocin and their medicinal/therapeutic uses by sharing current studies and their findings.


f) Working towards breaking the stigma attached to Psilocybin/Psilocin compounds by sharing factual data.


g) Advocating for safe and regulated access to Psilocybin/Psilocin medicines for individuals in need of these treatments.

 With the opening of the Psilver Linings NZ Charitable Trust we will also be celebrating and memorializing El's life and her extraordinary contributions to our community so that we may honour her legacy with what she would have wanted to see happen, but now with a few added angles to the perspective of our initial mission statement so that we may lessen the impact of community harm on a broader spectrum in ways that will honour her memory and all she stood for.

Below are some of the current projects that we are fundraising towards. Please click the links to the relevant givealittle pages with each project if you would like to donate towards that project or cause.



Psilver Microscopy

The Psilver team need your help to help you!! We're in the process of setting up an accredited laboratory to do mycology and chemistry work, to help forward the learning in the fields that we're trying to create awareness in. We're planning to be able to do microscopy on samples sent to us from our members to be able to learn more about the many currently understudied and in some cases undescribed species that we have here in NZ.


Drug-Checking License Setup Costs

We are currently in the process of getting set up to be licensed for drug checking and there are a few costs involved that we still need to hit target on. If you'd like to help contribute to these costs so that NZ can have more drug-checking facilities available at more festivals etc then click the following link:



Charitable Trust Running Costs

If you'd like to contribute to the running costs of everything that Psilver Linings NZ does then the link below will lead you to a givealittle page where you can contribute a donation to help us keep doing what we do here. Any donations received over and above our running costs each year will be put towards a charity or cause that fits in alignment with our mission statement above 


Project Name

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